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Whether you are looking to promote your business or an upcoming sale/event, KtK can let the world know. As a rancher myself, I understand that there seem to be a million things to do and the needs of your animals come first, leaving you with limited time to show the world what you are working towards everyday. Even with the best stock around, if you do not market your product then no one will know about it.

That is where KtK Livestock Services comes in! You continue to run your business while KtK promotes it through the following means:

Sale Catalogs

Print Advertisements

Web Advertisements

Organizing an Advertising Plan




Promotional Item Designs (apparel, pens, stationary, caps, ect...)


Social Media

If you have something else in mind, that is not listed, please do not hesitate to 

Show the world what you work hard for everyday!

Sale Catalogs

Click on a catalog picture to view the full catalog

Orton Ranch Red Angus 2022 Catalog
Weber & Company 2021 Catalog
Fred Ranch 2021 Catalog
Orton Ranch Red Angus 2021 Catalog
Orton Ranch Red Angus Catalog 2020
Weber & Company Catalog 2019
Orton Ranch Red Angus Catalog 2019
Weber & Company Catalog 2018
Arrow B Catalog 2018
Weber & Company Catalog 2017

Auction Sites

Are you looking to skip the work and pressure of a live, in person auction? Contact KtK today for more information on how you can host an annual sale online with the ability for your customers to bid from the comfort of their home. Check out these examples: 

The Online Horse

Boyle Ranch Fleckvieh

Now Offering- Online Bidding Platform

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